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Auto Choice Certification:


Audio System:




Air Conditioning:


 All Air conditioning system.


Body Condition:


Right front, Left front, Right rear, Left rear, Front Rear, Roof Hood, Right doors and Left doors.


Brake System:


Emergency brake working, Brake noise and Brake system working, Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, disc brake calipers  caliper yoke, back plate, adjuster assembly, level indicator, anti-skid sensor assembly, rotor assembly sensor, hard lines and fittings, backing plates, springs, clips and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkage and cables, rear cable adjuster, seals and gasket, brake pads and shoes, fasteners for the components listed above.

Chrome: Bumpers, Body trim and wheels if chrome.


Drive Train:


Engine compartment clean, Oil leaks, Exhaust leaks, Exhaust smoke, Abnormal noise, Transmission noise and Differential noise.




Engine performance, Engine noise or knocking. Gasoline Engine: Cylinder block, and all internal lubricated parts. Including timing belt or chain housing and tensioner, water pump, water temperature sensor, oil pump and pressure relief valve, oil cooler, engine oil sending unit, oil, oil, flywheel, temperature filter, sparkplugs, ignition wires, distributor oxygen sensor, belts and hoses, throttle position sensor, mass air flow sensor, positive crankcase ventilation valve, idle air control solenoid, oil pan, sensor, air cleaner assembly, engine oil cooler hoses, adapter/housing, vacuum pump, motor mounts, temperature sending unit, thermostat and housing, cap and rotor, carburetor, filters, lubricants, fluids, fuel supply pump, fuel pump control unit, fuel tank sensor, vacuum control valve, vacuum switch, dipstick and tube, seals and gaskets, fasteners for the components listed above.


Electrical: Headlights, Taillights, Brake lights, Parking lights, Horn and Electric windows, Alternator, voltage regulator and distributor.


Gauges: Speedometer, Tachometer, Temperature, Oil pressure and Amp meter.




Windshield, Rear window, Right front window, Right rear window, Left front window, and Left rear window.




Front seats, Rear seats, Headliner, Carpet, Door panels and Dash pad.
Tires & Wheels:


Condition of tires Condition of wheels.




Front wipers working, Rear wipers working.

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