What is a Credit Union?

A credit Union is a "not for profit" financial institution that is owned by its members. Only members can borrow money from it and only members can deposit money in it. It is owned solely by its members and operated solely for their benefit.

How do I join a Credit Union?

To join a Credit Union, you must be eligible for membership. Each institution decides who it will serve. Most credit unions are organized to serve people in a particular community, group or groups of employees, or members of an organization or association.

What is the difference between a Credit Union and Bank?

Since Credit Unions are "not for profit" they exist primarily to provide benefits to the members and they have different regulatory requirements that may permit them to offer interest rates and other terms that may be more favorable than those offered by a bank.

How can I find a Credit Union to join?

A Credit Union's charter defines its field of membership which could be an employer, church, school or community. Anyone working for an employer that sponsors a Credit Union, is eligible to join that credit union. Here are some ideas - Ask your boss - Poll your family - Quiz your neighbors -Check the yellow pages or contact us 866-277-8074 and will be more than glad to assist you finding a Credit Union near you.

What benefits can a Credit Union offer me?

Credit unions offer a full line of financial services such as Visa, Master Card, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Mortgage Loans, Investment Advisors, Safe Deposit Boxes, ATM's, Debit Cards, Online Lending, Insurance Products as well as many other services - normally at lower rates than those offered by banks.  up


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