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Zero Percent Financing!

Learn The Facts!


  with the major auto manufacturers offering 0% financing


 on many of their popular makes and models, the general auto buying public has been mesmerized by the seemingly attractive low rates. Consumers are flocking to dealerships to see how they too can take advantage of the incredible deals being offered. While 0% financing offers are enticing, you should read the fine print and know the facts before you head off to your local dealer.


Teaser rates have always been offered to drive more business to the dealerships, but often, these offers are not beneficial to everyone. The variations, like pricing, can change from dealership to dealership, but knowing what to look for and which questions to ask the dealer will help you decide if 0% is the best deal for you. Here are a few of the facts and restrictions that often apply:

  • Almost perfect credit may be needed to qualify for these offers
  • You may be required to give up a manufacturer's rebate
  • It usually means shorter terms and often large monthly payments
  • It's usually offered on a limited number of models
  • You may be limited to dealer stock and not be able to choose the exact vehicle you are interested in purchasing


 Research Your Options

As a credit union member you are already aware of the many benefits your Credit Union offers including low interest rate auto loans paired with great service tailored to your needs. By researching your auto financing options before you visit a dealership, you may find that by using your Credit Union's low percentage rate you are still allowed to use any rebates offered by the manufacturers. This could be your best deal!

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